Not A Mosquito

La Rochelle, France. I arrived back late after a night out celebrating Bastille Day and got into bed in my hostel dorm. There were three other single beds in the room, but it looked like there was only one other girl staying in the room with me. Typical for a hostel there were sparse power sockets to charge my phone in so I plugged my phone into a socket near the entrance to the room which was also near the bed where the other girl was sleeping.

I drifted off but a few hours later was stirred by a strange buzzing noise. Is it a mosquito? Maybe my ears were ringing from all the loud music earlier? It kept going. I lay in bed thinking off all the possibilities. It’s my phone! Something must be wrong with the power socket and my adaptor is fried. I jumped out of bed and quietly padded over to my phone but as I got closer I realised that the noise was closer than I thought. I kept walking until I reached the other girls bed. We locked eyes. There was a swift movement under the sheets. It clicked what the noise. It was definitely not my phone.

When I woke up several hours later the other bed was empty. I don’t think she ever came back.

(as a side note, why would you even do that in a shared space with strangers?!)

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