Youthful travels and chasing boys

So this one is an oldie. I was about 16 and I found myself in the back of a four wheel drive with my two best friends out in the desert. The desert safari in UAE is amazing by the way… Or it used to be, it’s been a while.
Basically you sign up and get picked up in your cars at the hotel. Then you meet up with the rest of the group at the edge of the desert and it turns into like a caravan of vehicles, about 20+ cars from what I remember.
So my best friends and I were in one such car and we happened to spot some really cute guys in another car ahead of us.
Now as any self respecting boys obsessed group of teenagers on holiday in such a situation would do, we memorized the number plate of the boys car which even now, ten years later I remember as D15522!
We then asked the guys driving our car to make sure to keep up with the boys.
After a rollercoaster of a ride (known as dune bashing) we made it to a traditional set up out in the desert under the gorgeous night sky to enjoy some amazing Arabic food and belly dancing.
We did see the boys there but decided us girls on holiday together was more important than possible flirting opportunity. Also they weren’t as cute as we had thought when we spotted them in the car.
In the end I have a great memory of an adventure out in the desert with my two soul sisters, a memorized number plate number that none of us forgets and a funny story to relive whenever I spot a cute guy I might want to hunt down or stalk obsessively.

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