International animals hate me :-/

I am jinxed when visiting animals abroad. I can go into the individual stories if you want but this is the list of “Animals that attack/injure/scare the crap out of Christie…
Ubud, Bali – Monkey bit my scalp
Giza, Egypt – Rogue camel almost took me out at the pyramids (just kicked my leg, thanks to my friend tackling me)
Petra, Jordan – Jackass donkey stopped mid-canter to freaking bite my leg (FYI, same leg as the stupid camel)
Phuket, Thailand – Elephant stepped on my foot, then pushed me over because I wouldn’t move… luckily it was young, small in size and only playing.
And finally, Siem Reap, Cambodia – I was sexually harassed by a horny python.. repeatedly, it was actually the worst on this list.

Needless to say, I’m not the first to volunteer for animal related excursions when travelling…

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