The Massage Parlour and The Boob Talk

So when I first made it to eastern Asia I quickly realized that most average women had decent, normal sized breasts that happened to be far daintier than the ones I possess. This made for interesting shopping where no locally made clothes would fit across my chest and lingerie scouring became somewhat like hunting prized big (haha) game.
One incident however topped all my boob adventures. I was laying there on a masseuse table with a lovely lady from Thailand giving me a really good rubdown when, in the midst of polite conversation about where I was from and what I did for a living, she asked me whether I had had surgery done. Because I was confused she clarified that she wanted to know if my breasts were real because she “really liked them and wants to get the same size implants”.
I told her I had no advice on the matter seeing as what I had was au naturel and that’s about when she stopped talking to me.
I think she thought I was lying and she wasnt nearly as nice after this exchange.

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