It Happened Abroad was founded in April 2016 by a bored traveller in a coffee shop in Brunei.

If you’ve been to Brunei, you know why the traveller was bored.

While drinking a perfectly acceptable cappuccino and waiting for a decently edible burger, the traveller thought about the cool stories he’d heard and told over the last few years. And the equally scary/sucky/heart-wrenching ones he’d seen/heard/experienced along the way.

He wondered if there was a place for these stories.

Sure, private blogs worked, but something more fun, and something that required less work. TripAdvisor was too interested in tips and advice. Whisper was all about relatable goss. And Texts From Last Night… fills a different niche.

It Happened Abroad exists because you have travel stories that are worth sharing.You’ve gone places. Seen things. Felt alive in ways you didn’t think were possible. Or maybe you’re stuck in one place. Starved for interesting tales and want to hear about the ups and downs of life away from home.

Well, here they are. Anonymous, awe-inspiring, funny, sad, weird and all things in between.

We don’t want stories that are offensive, sexist, racist, profane or graphically violent. We also don’t want stories that are explicit in nature. While it may be true – and sometimes it’s hard to tell, we’ve seen some things – this isn’t the placefor it. Go write Penthouse Forum.

We’re doing this thing purely for entertainment purposes. We’re not your parents, your partner, your boss or your younger sibling. Although, they might be in here somewhere.

These stories would never happen at home.

After all, it happened abroad.



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